Personal Air Purifier


Wifi & Bloetooth
Vehicle / Small Spaces

USD 999.00

Design - From the top of the world

Inspired by mythical tree Yggdrasil, ELF’s aluminum trunk is precision engraved to bear the weight of the world. Every detail is a reflection of Swedish craftsmanship and minimalist design, blurring the line between technology and art.

24/7 Monitoring

The best quality air is wherever you wish it to be. PM2.5 and TVOC detection regulates indoor air and eliminate odors.

One-Touch Solution

The touch of the gods at your fingertips. No distracting buttons or glowing screens. ELF's intuitive controls let you operate ELF in seconds.

Whisper Quiet

ELF makes no more noise than a calming breeze. At less than 30db, it's lower than a whisper.

Simply Green

Protecting the sanctity of nature. Consumable-free, ELF's washable titanium alloy tube last years. Just simply rinse under water every two month and let dry.

A Perfect Fit for Your Car

Made for your mobile lifestyle. ELF fits any console cup holder so you can enjoy clean air on-the-go.




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