THORA: The only luxury you should possess in 2022 is clean air.

Launching in 2022, THORA blends wellness technology into elegant designs that fuse with your lifestyle. Inspired by our founder’s fascination with Scandinavian mythology, a meaningful reflection on the constant balance between harmony and struggle with nature, THORA balances beautiful Scandinavian design with leading-edge wellness technology. The name, THORA, derived from Old Norse, is a goddess of strength and thunder, who also embodies Beauty, Wisdom, and Nature.

THORA launched its first series of this season ---ELF, the portable air purifier. The aluminum alloy, special metal treatment, and streamlined silhouette bear the distinct marks of Swedish design. The Nordic minimalist style and the top-end manufacturing technique are on full display in all the details. The exquisitely designed casing will fit the refined taste of your office, vehicle, or home studio. And, housed within the elegant design is a powerful technology that protects your most precious asset - your health.

At the core of ELF is a top-tier Japanese made titanium-alloy ring and needle board that cleans the air by emitting negative ions and slight traces of ozone. This effectively removes dozens of pollutants, TVOC, germs, bacteria, allergens, and emissions from your personal air space. ELF monitors air quality in real-time to ensure optimal and stable indoor air quality, even under the harshest of conditions.

2020 has riddled with challenges. Through our devotion of resources and creativity, THORA will distinguish itself among wellness products with its unique charm, pioneering the world into an era of top-quality clean air and a lifestyle where luxury is a state of health.

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