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Our founder is deeply fascinated by Scandinavian mythology, a meaningful reflection of Scandinavian lives. They are constantly seeking balance between a deep respect for nature and fighting to survive in harsh environments.

To embody this balance, the founder established Thora in Stockholm in 2020. Thora aims to create a better world by protecting the environment and improving human health.

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the goddess makes luxury life

Thora, derived from Old Norse, is a goddess of strength and thunder from Scandinavian mythology, who represents the power of beauty, wisdom, and tenderness of nature.

The goddess’s own beauty is set as the standard for Thora's designs, and the power she possesses is honored by our search for global leading-edge technologies. Finally, at the core of our company is a motherly desire to improve the health of anyone who comes across our products.


We believe the crowning achievement of the next generation will be restore the quality of air we breath to natural clean air.

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2020 has been a tough reminder of how delicate human health can be without proper care. By utilizing our resources and creativity, THORA will become the most attractive luxury wellness product and push the world to an era where everyone has access to high-quality air and a luxury life.


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